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For the moment we want you to forget about learning to drive and the anxieties you have been feeling...

A few thousands years ago the human race started to develop when we grew a thumb, climbed down from the tress and started to walk. Fast forward to the last 30 years of human life and it is only in this small period of time have the masses has access to transport we can drive ourselves which goes an awful lot faster than our own two legs or riding on the back of a horse.

In terms of evolution our bodies have not caught up with what we are now able to do, so when you experience anxiety when driving it is just your nervous system doing its job and alerting you to potential danger. That is it, nothing more to it than that.

So at SDM we work within your comfort zone and allow you to massage away the mental safety barriers. You will do this as practice proves that you are in control and you become comfortable.
You have perhaps never seen this explanation before, that is why we can help you. Call us today.
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