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C1 Driver Training

To become an Ambulance driver you must go through C1 Driver Training which is official category name given by the DVSA and is also known as ambulance driver training, sometimes people will refer to blue light driver training however that will also include different categories other than C1.

How To Become An Ambulance Driver

To become an ambulance driver you must pass the C1 but it may not be an ambulance you take your driving test in. please remember an ambulance is a form of transport and the test itself relates to its weight, in this instance 7.5 tonne. Once you have passed the C1 you can also drive most horseboxes.

To get your C1 drivers licence you need to go through the following steps.

1. Request a D2 and D4 form from either the DVSA online or at your local post office.

2. You will need to complete the D2 yourself and the D4 will be completed and signed by your GP.

This process takes around a month but here at SDM we can help take care of every thing for you, guiding you through the steps as you go so you are already to start your training. Your practical training will run over 2 to 3 days with your test being schedule for the last day.

C1 Driving Test

The test itself lasts for 90 minutes and you will be driving for 60 minutes of that time before entering a debrief with your examiner. This is indeed a very serious course to take and with your career depending on it we appreciate the importance it has. Therefore throughout your training everything is step by step.

Ambulance Driver Training

1. You are shown
2. We check you understand and re-modify our instruction if needed.
3. You practice the exercise under supervision.
4. You become independent in the exercise without the need of supervision.

They are the 4 basic steps for the practical side of ambulance driver training.

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Rospa Gold Qualified - which is the highest civilian driving qualification

"Our instructors are highly trained and have over 30 years front line emergency services experience."

A really good professional service that allowed me to concentrate on passing my C1 which I did on the first attempt.

Rachel Stevens
SDM provided an excellent service throughout my training

Chris Lowe
Learning to drive an ambulance is serious stuff but SDM also included the fun and lighter side to training which made my experience very enjoyable.

Elaine Jeffries

Ambulance Driver Training

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